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[From the Archive] Instisul Hosts "Northwest Within Reach" Event in Cianorte

The  I Fórum Regional de Desenvolvimento do Noroeste Paranaense (First Northwest Paranaense Regional Development Forum) took place on October 3, 2018, in the city of Cianorte, PR, at the Unipar Theater. The event was promoted in partnership between Unipar – Paranaense University (Extension Department) and INSTISUL – South American Institute of Philosophy and IQ.

The event was attended by regional leaders, business people, experts, technicians, and academics.


The opening was conducted by the director of the Unipar Campus of Cianorte, Prof. José Aparecido, who highlighted the importance of "doing one's homework," followed by a brief introductory speech by the professor and ethicist Sérgio Avrella, general coordinator of the event, who emphasized the necessity and value of self-knowledge for development, as well as the need to ensure the continuity of this project, proposing the creation of a “Development Agency” or the “DPDN – department promoting the development of northwest Paraná.”

First Lecture

The main lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Jandir Ferrera de Lima, from Unioeste of Toledo, a specialist in regional development. His lecture topic was: Regional Development – Lessons from Winning Regions. The evaluative and stimulating nature of his presentation earned him a warm round of applause from the audience.

Second Lecture

The second speaker was the agronomist engineer Antônio Favaro, from SEAB/PR. The topic he addressed was: The Importance of Agribusiness for the Development of Northwest Paraná. Favaro brought some of the most advanced technical content and numerical comparisons that reinforce the necessity of regional self-knowledge.

Third Lecture

The final lecture was given by the representative of Cocamar, the agronomist engineer José Eduardo Luqui Marcon, on the topic: Assessment of the Development of Northwest Paraná and the Actions of the Cocamar Cooperative. José Eduardo made clear the need to intervene more efficiently in the situation of low productive return of sandy soil pastures as well as to innovate in diversity, something that the Cooperative has already been encouraging to actually happen, through the ILPF system (integration of crop-livestock-forestry).


The closing was handled by the President of the Development Council of Cianorte, Professor Marcelo Rodrigues, who thanked the speakers and the good audience present, highlighting the high quality of the content presented by the speakers and the importance of this first step towards concentrating efforts and promoting activities that will truly transform Northwest Paraná into a more modern and productive region, putting it on an equal footing with other regions of the State of Paraná.


The highlight of the debate section was the dialectic that occurred between the president of INSTISUL, Sérgio Avrella, and the representative of Usina Santa Terezinha, one of the event's sponsoring companies, where the audience could learn more about the Plant, its actions in the region, and its interest in actively participating in the development project "The Northwest at Your Fingertips."


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