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Instisul - Hellenistic South American Institute for IQ Innovation

A Protection and Advancement Plan for South America

About Us

And it needs to position itself in the face of its interests and the growing external interests. The continent needs to become aware of the importance it has for itself and for the world. It is important to understand the moment South American societies are experiencing. Because the time has come to innovate your propositions and paradigms about the continent itself.
By visualizing the benefits of innovative territorial development, the mechanisms of human, cultural, economic, structural and physical interaction will be strengthened. And this, in turn, will raise the continent's overall internal quality indexes and make South American society more reliable and with good levels of peace and security. In addition to improving the utilization rates of its great and still unexplored potential.

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An Innovative Center for Studies and Work


The Hellenistic South American Institute of Innovation in IQ is a center for studies on South America. It promotes innovation in development projects that aim to increase the internal quality of South American life.


Formed by entrepreneurial, intellectualized, interested, active people from all countries on the South American continent, INSTISUL is a corporate and cooperative event, intentionally created to empirically work in favor of human and territorial development.


It imposes upon itself the task of organizing an advanced collection of data and information about the Continent, in order to plan and execute innovative lines of development, with the general purpose of raising the quality of South American life in its entirety and throughout the world. continental territory.
In this sense, it is already working on organizing some events such as TORDESILHAS 530, for August 7, 2024, in Londrina, PR, Brazil and such as the 1st SOUTH AMERICAN CONGRESS OF ECONOMY AND CIVISM , under the theme of SELF-KNOWLEDGE, between the 5th and 7th of February 2025, in Foz do Iguaçu.



"INSTISUL, the Hellenistic South American Institute of Innovation in IQ, marks a trajectory of reflection on the process of regional and South American development. Its activities promise to impact the environment of innovation and knowledge on the Continent. Raise human quality and improving the ambience of contacts and business, creating innovative projects and expanding knowledge, will certainly favor the progress of life, in all its aspects."

Prof. Dr. Jandir Ferrera de Lima

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