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[From the Archive] Instisul and Unioeste Sign Cooperation Agreement

The Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná (Unioeste), Toledo campus, through the intermediation of the Regional Development Center (NDR), has signed a technical cooperation agreement with the South American Institute of Innovation and IQ (Instisul).

Instisul is an organization formed by scholars, philosophers, scientists, and other thinking minds residing in South America. The Institute is creating an advanced collection of data and information about South America, as if rediscovering the continent with an eye toward the future, to then analyze everything and establish development and interactivity parameters. Among its purposes are the enhancement of interactivity indices, and improvement in the internal quality of the South American Continent, its people, and its environments. Therefore, the Institute seeks to form the mutual consciousness of being South American, by defining South American thought, by its impact and influences on public and private policies related to the people and environments of the Continent, and through a healthier and more beneficial continental interactivity in the areas of culture, geography, pedagogy, politics, health, nutrition, economy, tourism, media, and internal security.

According to the current coordinator of the Regional Development Center (NDR), Professor Jandir Ferrera de Lima, “Since its inception, the NDR has been seeking partnerships in various areas to be able to serve organized civil society and the demands of public entities. This partnership with Instisul will help us contribute to human development through studies, research, and teaching.”

The president of Instisul, writer and ethicist Sergio Avrella, states that “the Institute also aims to foster friendly ties of coexistence, protection, and prosperity. Differences in vision, race, customs, feelings, and stages of development will not be reasons for prejudice. The various languages and cultures present here also do not prevent good communication, good contact, and the performance of highly effective joint work.”

Among the activities already implemented by Instisul is the Development Forum "the Northwest at your fingertips," held in the cities of Cianorte (PR) and Umuarama (PR). Among the Forum's objectives is the promotion of regional development in the Northwest of Paraná.

In this sense, the technical cooperation with the NDR will contribute to the development of technical studies in the field of regional and territorial development, in the formation of development indicators, and in the joint promotion of training and research.




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