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Origin and Skills

INSTISUL – Instituto Helenista Sul-Americano de Inovação e IQ is a private associative organization, without a profit or political party bias, which was born from the thoughts of the Brazilian writer and ethicist Sérgio Avrella, in 2010, and which was formally created, at the suggestion by Prof. Dr. Jandir Ferrera de Lima together with Prof. Dr. Adriano Rogério Goedert, on April 7, 2016, in the State of Paraná, Brazil.
With its statutes duly registered and its headquarters strategically chosen, the Institute develops a path of transparency, breadth and rationality. And its current participants have proven productive performance.
Thus, as your investment capacity increases, the fulfillment of your goals and purposes will increase.

Atacama Desert
What it intends

Firstly, promote self-knowledge and form a network of contacts. South America needs to know itself better. And this within the general scope of its operation and geography. Geography favors, languages favor, history favors and their common interests require well-thought-out collaborative actions.

Secondly, deepen understanding and develop joint collaborative projects, promoting activities towards the formation of the South American human being.
And finally, boost socioeconomic development in general in South America, with rationality and high investments, promoting advances and strengthening continental mutual protection.


The needs for development and mutual defense call for greater cohesion of thought and constructive activities among the countries of South America.

INSTISUL is a highly competent project. Through motivational, indicative and awareness-raising actions with the various bodies that make up society and with the population of South American countries, INSTISUL wants to awaken friendly connections of coexistence, protection and prosperity. Differences in vision, races, customs, feelings and stage of development are not reasons for prejudice. The different languages and cultures that exist here also do not prevent good communication, good contact and the carrying out of highly effective joint work.

South America needs to know itself better. And you need to raise the quality levels of your contacts, inhabitants and environments!

What Does It Mean to Be a Hellenist?

To be a Hellenist refers to embracing and advancing the rich legacy of Greek knowledge from the Hellenistic period. This era in Greek history is marked by the spread of Greek philosophical, scientific, artistic, and civic achievements beyond its borders, influencing and transforming adjacent cultures. This initiated a kind of evolutionary globalization of concepts and practices among various peoples. Therefore, a Hellenist understands the significance of this cultural movement and commits to furthering and disseminating this knowledge through innovative means.

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