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Tordesilhas 530

In Londrina - PR
June 7, 2024

An event for Brazil, Portugal, Spain and South America

In 1493, Pope Alexander VI authorized the division of the new world, in an east-west direction between Spain and Portugal, which resulted in the Treaty of Tordesillas, signed on June 7, 1494, by both countries, in the Spanish city of same name.

This fact resulted in the introduction of two new languages to South America, Spanish and Portuguese. The first started to be spoken on the West side and the second on the East side. Iberian culture was present and its thoughts guided its actions in the cataracts of influences.


The coming and going of ships became more intense and general immigration increasingly flourishing.

Now, 530 years later, in the reign of Pope Francis, an Argentine, it seems opportune to remember this treaty, so that in the wake of the development of history, South America celebrates an inverted Tordesillas. No longer that of separation and high domains, but that of approximation, self-knowledge, civility, protection and the collaborative economy.


Along this path and on this occasion, INSTISUL – South American Institute of Innovation in IQ, based in Londrina, PR, Brazil, is growing the initiative of working on joint collaborative development and proposes to address the implementation of a plan, indicated as: Atacama Master Protection and Advancement Plan for South America.


To this end, the Institute is organizing the celebratory event, Tordesilhas 530, scheduled for June 7th, in the city of Londrina.

The plan is to attract people who represent Brazilian, Iberian and South American society, as well as the university public, students and teachers, as well as national and international press, to the meeting and ceremony.

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